Safe Harbor
Home Modifications  
& Assistive Technologies, INC.
  1. Provides comprehensive solutions for the customers’ desires to live safely and securely in their own homes, and stay out of nursing homes or retirement communities.

  1. Identifies its customers as the elderly and disabled population of our society and actively involves all family members in the welfare and decision making process of those customers.

  1. Believes that if left to their free choice, most people would opt to live in their own homes if it’s an environment that is familiar, safe and secure.

  1. Understands that oftentimes peoples’ homes become “unfriendly” and consequently dangerous as their physical and/or cognitive states change with age or unforeseen health set-backs.

  1. Endeavors to provide comprehensive and lasting solutions to the customers’ needs by making the home “friendly” again through custom home modifications and technologies. Afterwards, Safe Harbor offers continued home maintenance, lawn care, and cleaning services to the homeowner.

  1. Acknowledges the importance in providing continued home modification services as the dynamic and ever-changing state of the clients’ health and living condition develop with time.